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INDA Has Cooperated with Good360 to Launch The First-Ever Nonwovens Industry

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Core Tip: Realizing that its member companies would benefit greatly from a simple and effective way to donate excess inventory to worthwhile charities,the Association of

Realizing that its member companies would benefit greatly from a simple and effective way to donate excess inventory to worthwhile charities,the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry(INDA),has partnered with Good360,the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy,to launch the first-ever nonwovens industry giving initiative.

This partnership creates a simple and streamlined way for companies up and down the nonwovens supply chain to donate products and make contributions to nonprofit organizations in need,helping companies improve their bottom line and,more importantly,make a difference in the lives of the families and communities that need it most.

"Because our industry offers an unusually diverse array of product offerings that can be useful to those in need–things like diapers,medical supplies,wipes,building materials and filter products–we are in a unique position to help out those in need,"says INDA President Dave Rousse."Our partnership with Good360 allows companies to give something back to the community by streamlining the process of finding organizations or individuals who can actually use their goods,which charities are worthwhile,or how to get the products to those who need them the most."

Consistently recognized by Forbes as one of America's top 10 most efficient charities,Good360 connects companies with product donations to a network of more than 30,000 prequalified nonprofits.It provides companies with expert donation management and a range of logistics services,including picking up available inventory and getting it into the hands of nonprofits in need.They also provide comprehensive donation tracking and reporting essential to measure giving impact and maximize the benefits for recipients and donors alike.

Since its inception in 1983,Good360 has distributed more than$7 billion in product donations to thousands of pre-qualified charities serving countless causes,individuals and communities.

Donations to Good360 can be made at any time,whether in the event of an emergency or in non-emergency times.Companies can donate when they have excess inventory,to reduce waste going to landfills or simply because you want to make a difference.

"We have the ability to tailor a giving program to any company's needs,"says Good360 Vice President of Donor Relations,Doyle Delph."Our partnership with INDA will provide the nonwovens industry with 360 degrees of good–good for companies,good for communities and good for the environment."

In addition to the corporate social responsibility benefits,companies can make a positive difference for individuals and families struggling to make ends meet.Donations help to foster support and good will with employees and the local community as well as reduce landfill waste.In addition,companies that donate through the INDA/Good360 program qualify for an enhanced tax deduction.

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